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Blue Lavender Blend

Blue Lavender Blend
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  • Lavender latte without the syrup. Lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina make this blend balanced, calming and smooth. Take a sip, turn your brain off and just do nothing. This blend is a great alternative hot or cold, one of our new best sellers. Tastes very delicate and smooth with light floral notes, steams up soft blue. 

  • Blue Lavender is currently on pre-order and ships beginning October 5th. Please Note: Orders cannot be split at this time and your entire will ship when this item is back in stock.

    MSRP: $25
    100g = 30 Servings

    Vegan, caffeine free and organic.

    Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk Powder (Coconut Milk, Tapioca Maltodextrin), Sugars (Organic Coconut Sugar), Organic Ground Lavender, and Organic Blue Spirulina. CONTAINS: Coconut.

  • ☁   Calming and relaxing.
    ☁   Soothes headaches.
    ☁   Promotes deep sleep.

  • Mix one flat tsp of Blume with a splash of boiling water. Heat 1 cup of milk. Add Blume and water mixture to milk and serve with a little maple syrup or honey. Can be served iced as well. Also great in smoothies, lemonades and oatmeal bowls.

    Also great in smoothies and oatmeal bowls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 547 reviews
Marie-Eve De l’Etoile

So good!

Kris Forte
Just what I needed to unwind

I love to have a warm cup of something before bed to relax and unwind but coffee or anything caffeinated was out of the question. The Blue Lavender Blend was exactly what I needed to calm down and unwind from my busy day! Not to mention the health benefits!

Tracey Schaab
Such a nice alternative drink.

Love to have something different to sip on in the evenings with cooler evenings coming. So tasty.

emilie gagne

My 10y old and I both love it and enjoy our cup every night before sleep !

Can't live without it

This is my absolute favourite blend they do. I crave this flavour often. So soothing right before bed as a hot beverage and really delicious as an iced beverage. The flavour of lavender is the perfect level! I don't even typically sweeten this one. It's perfect on its own! Highly recommend!