Blume Wholesale

The Q1 Trends Report

Knowing what consumers are looking for and why is just one of the many things you're expected to know as a shop owner. We're staying on top of the trends, so you don't have to.


With 1/3 Canadians reporting feeling burnt out, products that naturally support stress and enhance mood have continued to rise in popularity. It's no surprise there has been:

  • 25% growth in the adaptogen category 
  • 37% growth in the sales of sleep supporting products
  • 38% growth in anxiety supporting products

You're going to keep an eye out for 'Nootropics', 'Adaptogens' and 'Ayurvedic ingredients'.

How We've Adapted: We're lovin' on these stress soothing fungi friends.



DYK About 11 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year and 80% of that plastic is non-recyclable. Consumers are pushing companies to be more transparent about their practices and demanding sustainable packaging. With reports stating the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030, it's understandable why. The trends show 30% of consumers more likely to purchase products with sustainability claims and 64% are willing to pay more for products that support vulnerable communities.

How We've Adapted: Packaging has been an important topic at Blume HQ for a while now. The unfortunate reality is that truly recyclable or compostable food safe packaging is not quit ready. So we've partnered with CleanHub and our collection partner Green Worms, to collect and sort non-recyclable plastic in India - a place we are deeply connected to through our ingredients. We are Plastic Neutral +, meaning two times the plastic we create is diverted. More to come on this new initiative soon!

CleanHub x Green Worms x Blume



The challenge that led to Blume's existence! There has been an increased demand for functional ingredients in everyday foods to provide consumers with additional health benefits. We're seeing a 15% growth in the superfoods category, and specifically seeing rapid growth in Maca, Spirulina, Turmeric, Ginger, and Ashwagandha ingredients.

How We've Adapted: Superfoods are our love language and this one has always been right up our alley since day one.



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