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Chai Espresso Martini

This mocktail recipe is giving creamy and classic vibes, with a superfood twist. We’re throwing our Oat Milk Chai blend into the mix to create the perfect Chai Espresso Martini that’ll keep you feeling energized, so you can move and groove all night long. 

Chai Espresso Martini


  • 1 oz of Oat Milk Chai slurry (1tsp Oat Milk Chai Blend + ⅛ cup warm water)
  • 1 oz of espresso
  • 3-4 oz of your favorite plant-based milk 
  • Ice
  • Optional: pinch of Oat Milk Chai blend to sprinkle on top 


  1. Create your Oat Milk Chai slurry by mixing 1 tsp of the Oat Milk Chai blend with 1 oz (⅛ cup) of warm water. 
  2. Brew your espresso.
  3. Combine the Oat Milk Chai slurry, espresso and plant-based milk in a shaker with ice. Continue to shake until ingredients are all mixed.
  4. Strain your mocktail and pour into a martini glass. 
  5. Add an extra sprinkle of the Oat Milk Chai blend on top and your drink is ready to serve!

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