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Why Blume?

Great question!

Whether you're retailing them in your shop or selling them by the cup at your cafe, Blume blends are an easy addition. 

Featuring superfoods, our products are a great alternative for the health conscious consumer. Many of our blends are caffeine free, sugar free and vegan making them friendly for all. Also, our mixes are all shelf stable so you don't have to worry about product being past their prime! 


1. Shelf Life & Bulk

Blume has a 2 year shelf life from packaging. We don’t offer bulk, all our blends are between 20-35 servings and can be used either behind the bar or on a retail shelf.

2. Marketing Support

There is no I in Blume. On your receipt of purchase, we will send you a drive full of lifestyle and product shots as well as pre-designed POS signs.

3. How to Make

Our blends can be hot or served over ice. They steam up with non dairy milks with a similar preparation to matcha or hot chocolate powders. 

4. How to Use

Use our blends in lattes, lemonades, smoothies and baked goods. They are oh so simple to use and we have recipes and guides to help you get started.

5. Package Size

Our standard package is between 20-35 servings and works both behind the bar and on your retail shelf. 


More Questions?

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