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Hot Tips for Mixing Blume Blends

How to make a perfecto cup of Blume:

Step 1: In a mug or cup, whisk together 1tsp Blume blend of choice, ⅛ cup hot water and ½ tsp maple syrup (totally optional. Feel free to use any natural sweetener).

Step 2: Using a milk frother or steamer (or whisking by hand), froth the 1 cup steamed/warm milk until fluffy and cloud like.

Step 3: Pour steamed milk over blend mixture.

Here’s a few hot tips for tasty drinks:

Important Note 

Spices aren’t water soluble so some sediment is normal. Using whole ground ingredients means maximizing the nutritional benefit of the ingredients and there will be some sediment and texture. These tips aren’t to dissolve the blends but rather to suspend them for the best experience.

Using a high quality milk

Something like a rich oatmilk, barista quality or coconut milk works best. Almond milk, rice milk and hemp milk can be on the thin/watery side which make them difficult to steam and froth. The richer your milk, the better their steaming ability and the better the drink. Play around with the ratios to see what works best!

Add a binder

Spices aren’t water soluble so some sediment is normal, as is the texture. Our blends are microground and not water soluble, so they aren’t meant to fully dissolve. Just like a high quality espresso has sediment at the bottom, so do our blends. Try adding a bit of natural sweetener! This will help to better suspend the herbs in your drink and prevent sediment from floating to the top or building up at the bottom. We recommend maple syrup, honey, stevia, or agave. 

Not using too much 

The most common mistake we see with our lattes is using too much of the blends. Most people are used to using heaping teaspoons of sweetened drink mixes but our blends have no fillers, which means a little goes a long way. Try 1/2 teaspoon and see if that helps with the strength of the flavor. 

Step outside the latte

Our blends are so delicious beyond the mug! Recipes like oatmeal, chia bowls, smoothies and overnight oats all work great with our blends. It flavors your recipe and boost nutrition. Check out our favorite Blume recipes on our blog, here.