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☟ Blue Lavender Blend ☟

☟ Blue Lavender Blend ☟
☟ Blue Lavender Blend ☟ ☟ Blue Lavender Blend ☟
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  • Lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina make this blend balanced, calming and smooth. Take a sip, turn your brain off and just do nothing.

    Delicate and smooth with slight floral notes. 

    Vegan. Caffeine Free. 

    Ingredients: Organic coconut milk powder, organic cane sugar, organic lavender and blue spirulina.

    20-30 Servings = 100g

  • ☁   Calming and relaxing.
    ☁   Soothes headaches.
    ☁   Boosts metabolism. 

  • Mix one flat tsp of Blume with a splash of hot water. Heat 1.5 cups of mylk. Add Blume and water mixture to mylk and serve with a little maple syrup or honey. Can be served cold as well!

    Also great in smoothies and oatmeal bowls.