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Turmeric Blend

Turmeric Blend
Turmeric Blend turmeric latte blend Turmeric Blend  Turmeric Blend Nutrition Facts
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    • What the turmeric? Our golden mylk best seller is the perfect mix of super-spices to get your body feeling fine. Bright, warming and aromatic. Tastes like a spicy chai. This blend steams up a vibrant yellow and is constently one of our favourite and highest rated blends.

      MSRP: $20
      125g = 30 Servings 

      Ingredients: Organic Turmeric Root Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder, Organic Ginger Root Powder, Organic Cardamom Powder, and Organic Black Pepper Powder.

    • Caffeine free, sugar free, organic and vegan.

    • ☁    Anti-inflammatory hero.
      ☁    Great for skin, arthritis and gut health.
      ☁    Healer of cold and flu symptoms.

    • Mix one flat tsp of Blume with a splash of boiling water. Heat 1 cup of milk. Add Blume and water mixture to milk and serve with a little maple syrup or honey. Can be served cold as well!

      Also great in tonics, smoothies and oatmeal bowls. 

Customer Reviews

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Deborah Henry
Latte Blends, Tumeric, Matcha, Beetroot

I am very much enjoying my Blume products.
I am using Oat Milk and a drop of organic honey.
I have the Matcha in the morning, the Tumeric in the evening and the Beetroot here and there.
So far, very pleased with these products. I am going to experiment with of the recipes in your on line recipe book.
Well done.
Deborah Henry

Danielle Thibeault
Love it

Love all the blends.

Lori Mickle
Tumeric Blend

Try this blend, I strongly suggest it.
Tastes great in a warm or cold drink (which reminds me that I need more ice). Love it in morning oats. Can't wait to experience more ideas. ❤❤

Johanna Deleurme


Lacie Cosgrove

Delicious, easy to create, and feels good knowing the ingredients are integral and align with health. Thanks ladies at team BLUME! Ya'll rock!